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Reviving The Forum
*RULES* Icon_minitimeTue Apr 03, 2012 9:26 pm by JakeAdmin
Just for anyone that happens to log on... i'm starting working heavily on this forum again, and will be adding lots of new stuff, one being the new music page (not sure if im gonna use it as a music page or not, but ill be updating my progress every once in a while, too see that just click on the "TEST" button at the top navigation of the forum.), also new forums, and probably a whole re-design …

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PostSubject: *RULES*   *RULES* Icon_minitimeTue Dec 06, 2011 10:35 pm

Here on , good and positive behavior is just expected from our members. We only have a few rules; no mean or abusive behavior towards other members, no fighting with each other, DO NOT post content that is not yours or is stolen (try to avoid posting content that is not yours, but if there is a reason you really need too, then please just give credit to the website or person whom you got it from), and lastly try to avoid bad or offensive language. We don't mind if you say a curse word every once in a while, but please don't be going around dropping the F word on every post. The big thing with offensive language that I DO NOT want to see is one member "cursing out" another member just because they made you mad (I take that very seriously if you curse someone out there will be consequences). That brings me too my next thing which is please don't instigate someone or instigate someone into breaking a rule because that is just as bad and there will be consequences for anyone who instigates. Our main thing that we don't want is spamming. Try to avoid spamming as much as possible. You may not know what spamming is. Well spamming is when you post things just to get your post count up or you post things that are off topic. If a topic is spammed it will be locked by a moderator or administrator. If you continuously spam or break any other rule you will first get a warning or two, and then you will receive a temporary ban (temp. ban) which is where you will not be able to log on for a certain amount of time depending on what you did, and if you have received a temp. ban in the past. After 3 temp. bans or if you do something major to break the rules of the forum you will be permanently banned from the forum so you will never be able to log on to the forum again. Just follow these simple rules and have fun! Smile

P.S. Please post things in the correct sections of the forum, and no advertising (that includes other forums or websites, unless its just a link to something or something like that. I think you can use your judgement to decides if its advertising or not).
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